Tasmania is incredibly well placed to engage in the repositioning of international affairs that is underway globally, with a view to strengthening and expanding our trade relationships. Brexit presents opportunities for Tasmania to re-engage directly with the UK across a range of sectors. Ensuring Tasmanian interests are represented in the negotiations that are currently underway on the UK-Australia trade agreement, is  essential. We have an opportunity not just to connect into old markets but also to forge new relationships and collaborations in sectors such as mining, education, tech, Space, agriculture and tourism.

Similarly, Tasmania has an opportunity to engage more directly with markets in the USA, where Tasmanian businesses already have strong connections. Opportunities across technology, science, research, Antarctic and Space sectors are already being explored.

Within our region, opportunities to further enhance and diversify our trade relationships provide a substantial growth trajectory. Leveraging our existing relationships in the post-covid world to encourage deeper links is a worthwhile goal. Our trade efforts should be supported with humanitarian work and cultural exchanges.