Arts and Cultural Heritage 

Madeleine understands the importance of the arts, cultural heritage and our creative sector. Madeleine holds a BA in Classics including art, and History from the University of Melbourne and she has deep experience in the Tasmanian arts sector including board memberships. Madeleine has previously been a board member of:

  • Salamanca Arts Centre 
  • GASP!
  • Arts Advisory Board Tasmania 
  • Regional Arts Tasmania 

Madeleine initiated the GASP! project, establishing it in conjunction with the GCC. She understands the crisis was particularly hard on Tasmanian artists and badly impacted the performing arts. Madeleine argued for more funding for artists during the crisis. Madeleine’s legal practice in intellectual property law saw her assisting on film projects such as When Mary Met Mohammed, Sixteen Legs and others. 

Madeleine supports funding building restoration works for Salamanca Arts Centre, maintaining the Treasury building in public hands and building a Tasmanian Art Gallery connected with TMAG. Madeleine supports investment in local interpretive walking tracks and paths. 

Madeleine is actively promoting inter-state cultural exchange, and international cultural exchange where safe to do so.