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The Nelson Beat 1: Fix the Traffic


Welcome to the first edition of the Nelson Beat

Variety is the spice of life and our diverse population in Nelson is ready for more options. In this edition of the Nelson Beat you will find information on how I will fix the traffic, what being the gateway to the Huon means for Kingston and my proposal for the Kingston Aquatic Centre.

Think big – let’s fix the traffic
I have been having great conversations with local residents as I do my door knocking in the electorate of Nelson. Without fail people tell me that they are fed up with traffic and sub-standard roads. We have got to fix the traffic, and tunnels are the way to go. Residents have also given me brilliant ideas about how they would like to add some variety to their local lifestyles. Ideas for alternative transport and local life have been flooding in.

Keeping our local jobs

There are many great ideas about how to enhance healthy living and lifestyles, but we need some key projects to make that happen. Bringing together all levels of government and the private sector to get things going is essential. The location of the University and the Australian Antarctic Division need to be part of our big picture discussions as people are saying they really don’t want them to move. Let’s get more great jobs into Nelson.

An aquatic centre for Kingston
I have the capacity to influence where the investments are made. We can achieve much by bringing the right people together to get things done for Nelson and with smart negotiations a Kingston Aquatic Centre is achievable.

Getting things done
I have some good runs on the board when it comes to local community development projects – starting Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Park - GASP!, upgrading facilities at Taroona soccer grounds, launching the Football Tasmania Board, and delivering a safe and challenging playground for Lady Gowrie. As a practicing lawyer there are many ways in which I can help you - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Madeleine Ogilvie is already delivering results for you

Let’s work together for Nelson and get started on some key projects. Nelson residents have told me that they want local amenities to be improved.
• Traffic Fix – Tunnel: Residents understand congestion on the southern outlet cannot be fixed by tinkering around the edges. People want a strategic plan to upgrade our roads and transport networks in the south. The best approach includes tunnels – under Davey Street and emerging near the Brooker Highway - and to create a bypass solution. This will require serious investment and long-range infrastructure planning. A truly integrated roads and transport solution needs to address the 4Rs – road, river, rail and ride. It is time to bring Hobart roads up to national standard with an engineering led solution, and to invest for our future.
• Separated Cycleway: Improvement in cycleways, particularly through the Channel Highway – Sandy Bay road linkage, to separate cars and bikes will help traffic flow. Getting the transport mix right is a major piece of work that needs to bring together local communities, road users and important groups such as the RACT and Bicycle Network Tasmania. Ideas put forward by local residents so far have included a segregated cycleway from Hobart CBD to the University campus and one from Hobart CBD to Kingston/Blackmans Bay.
• A Kingston Aquatic Centre: Residents would like a national standard aquatic centre, built within the Kingborough sports precinct. Ideally it would have a 50 metre pool, 25 metre pool, 15 metre pool, diving pool, hydrotherapy, children’s recreation and learn to swim facilities. This would also enhance the opportunity for Kingston High School to evolve into a specialist sports high school. An updated masterplan for the overarching sports precinct is needed.
• Kingston Gateway: People have told me that they see Kingston as the gateway to the Huon. Creating services within Kingston makes sense when you consider the number of building blocks coming on line in Kingston, and also the need to service the greater Huon area. From cinemas to restaurants and retail – there is so much more we can do.
• Investment in Sailing and Rowing: Recognising our water sports communities, particularly with a school of excellence for sailing, and investing in facilities upgrades is overdue. We have such as strong tradition of sailing and rowing success, including producing Olympic and America’s Cup sailors, and international level rowers.
• Children’s Playgrounds and Hydration Stations: More work with local councils for parks and recreation spaces for families and children, and in particular a great kids park needs to be built. I would like to deliver fresh clean Tasmanian drinking water everywhere we walk and play. A Hydration Station roll out is simple enough from a water and engineering perspective, just needs some funding to get it going. TasWater is able to deliver across the electorate, as pipes are available to tap into, and I will work to find some external funding. Imagine how great it would be for everyone to have access to Hydration Stations to refill water bottles to cut down on plastic – good for the dog walking community too.

Madeleine Ogilvie is working hard for you
I have been meeting great people right across Nelson, and learning more about what local residents want. I’ve checked out the Tigers re-development plans, put forward a plan to fix the traffic, as President of the Southern Football League and TFC I have signed a ground breaking deal for the SFL to partner with the AFL, and joined the board of Football Tasmania so we can invest in our community footy and secure our Tasmanian AFL team.



Authorised M Ogilvie, 335 Davey Street, South Hobart, Tas 7004


The Nelson Beat 2: Sense of Place


A sense of place
From my door-knocking in the suburbs and areas around Nelson I understand that not only do people want our roads infrastructure addressed, but also residents are expressing the need to improve community and green spaces. I will seek to work with all the relevant state government agencies, such as Parks and Wildlife, the Hobart and Kingborough Councils and community groups to help the residents of Nelson maintain their sense of place and community.

Loving our local life
I support improvements to our local parks, new walkways and separated cycleways for all to use, and for all ages. Local places and spaces are vital for health and well being, and beautiful common spaces are a source of pride for all of us. To understand what is important in each suburb I have been getting out and about with local groups and community members to see the great work that is already underway.

Friends of the Sandy Bay Rivulet
Meeting with Friends of the Sandy Bay Rivulet was a great opportunity to hear about the work being done to care for and improve enjoyment of the rivulet. Charles Darwin himself walked up the rivulet track on his way to explore the mountain, so the history of the place is interesting and important. This project is a prime example of local projects that are bringing people together, improving parks and walkways and creating a sense of place for all.

Working together for our environment
I would like to see increased investment in long term management of State Parks and Reserves in Nelson such as the Alum Cliffs walk (Kingborough Council), Mt Nelson Signal Station, and Truganini Reserves and the Kunyani/Mt Wellington State Park. Both the Hobart and Kingborough Council continuing to support local Landcare, Coastcare and Bushcare groups to work on local projects with their communities.

The buzz about bees
I had the great pleasure of visiting a local bee hive to understand more about the challenges to not just our honey producers and the current terrible problems for our bee population in Tasmania. The bushfires have made much worse what was already a challenging situation for bees and honey producers.

Fire and bush management
Nelson residents are telling me that they see fire and bush management in Nelson as essential. Fire and bush management issues have been elevated due to the recent fires in the Huon and Central Plateau. We must ensure we have strong plans in place for the bushland areas of Nelson which cover approximately 50% of the electorate. We need to be listening to specialist advice of experts as to fire behaviour and management, so we can adapt to changing conditions. It is also important that after the current enquiry into the recent fires proper consideration be given to establishing a National Centre for Excellence for Fire Management at the University of Tasmania.

It may be that an outcome of the enquiry is a recommendation to increase and improve resources and equipment to fight fires. Tasmania has key expertise in this area and could provide research learnings across urban, bushland, regional and interstate challenges. We could consider several rapid fire management centres and resources, to be made available in urban areas like Nelson as well as in the State managed parks and reserves. There is a need to build upon the great work currently being done by our fire and emergency services. Supporting our telecommunications providers to ensure emergency communications are provided during these events is a good step. I was able to spend a day volunteering at the Huon EVAC center during the crisis (helping to care for the dogs and cats) and got a first hand sense of the impacts of the fires on families.

Our Law School turns 125
I was delighted to be invited to speak at a forum to help celebrate out Law School's 125th birthday. It was a pleasure to spend time with current students, former students and esteemed alumni. The retention of our University on the Sandy Bay campus was a hot topic of discussion, with so many alumni having fond memories of campus life. As a third generation graduate of the law school I am supportive of the Sandy Bay campus location, and would like to see our University renewed and reinvigorated at its current location.

Big picture environmental thinking - ideas that have been shared with me:
For our communities, let's consider:
• Rainwater tanks: Encourage more use of water tanks for garden use only, with the aim of reducing usage of potable water, and reducing runoff going into our storm water system.
• Wetlands: Consider establishing more wetlands to capture storm water runoff to reduce impacts to the river Derwent.
• Re-use water: Work with TasWater and local councils to investigate potential re-use projects
• Plastic free water: Legislate to tackle the challenge of plastic in our waters - from microbeads to debris - there is a lot we can do.
• Recycling: A strong issue, with Green Waste collection to be introduced to Kingborough Council area.
• Deposit legislation: We need to do all that we can to facilitate recycling and great waste management. Reducing single use plastic is important but we must also work with business and industry to effect change.Local transport - bicycles
Some key local transport projects should be prioritised. I have had discussions with Bicycle Network Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and the RACT, on how we can deliver segregated cycleways. I support:
A segregated cycleway from Hobart CBD to the University of Tasmania
A segregated cycleway from Hobart CBD down to Kingston/Blackmans Bay via Sandy Bay road and the Channel Highway.
Fixing the parking issue around campus will also improve life for residents and students, plus give the capacity to implement separated cycleways from the city to Kingston. Consider bigger changes such as a segregated cycleway alongside the Southern Outlet, and planning for better access to our cycleways and walkways from all suburbs, sports grounds and other public places for locals and visitors.

Law reform - notional estates
Congratulations to Nina Hendy who has steadfastly pushed for law reform relating to wills and estates law to include 'notional estates'. Nina and I first met to discuss this gap in the law about four years ago, and I've been happy to help her on the journey. Now a positive report from the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute has proposed key reforms. Well done everyone involved.

Great conversations and good ideas
I welcome ideas from everyone in our suburbs and communities in the Nelson electorate. I am out and about in the electorate all the time having conversations with people about what they want from their local rep. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have an idea to share or would like me to pursue an issue for you.

Out and about
Recently, I have attended the very rainy Head of the River at Barrington (congratulations to all rowers), attended the 125th Birthday Celebrations for the Law School, been a panel member at the Law School, attended the vigil for Christchurch, hosted the Opening of the Southern Football League season and enjoyed a great St Patricks day event at Shippies. Excited to have opened a campaign office, provided interviews to the Mercury on football and saving the Brighton Footy Club, with WIN TV on legal appeals processes regarding the Sue Neil Fraser matter, attended the Law Society announcement for the Law Reform Institute's report on notional estates, and found some time to enjoy walking my dog at the DSS beach with the kids. The doorknocking continues apace!





Authorised M Ogilvie, 335 Davey Street, South Hobart, Tas 7004