It's the local things that really matter.

  • The traffic congestion on the Southern Outlet must be addressed.
  • Access to a Royal Hobart Hospital accident and emergency services hub in Kingston is essential.
  • Kingston is growing into a thriving city and residents want more services, shops and restaurants. 
  • Kingston Beach Surf Lifesaving club room facilities should be built on Osborne Parade.
  • Taroona Schools, parks and road upgrades are overdue.
  • Stormwater management upgrades to keep our beaches clean is important.
  • Bushfire management is critical - a major review is timely.
  • Plastic free water and clean beaches are essential.
  • Our Antarctic Division should stay in Kingston - with more Federal Public service jobs for Nelson.
  • Sandy Bay road bike lanes should be separated from traffic.
  • Parking issues and accommodation for the University need to be resolved.
  • A cycleway extension to improve the traffic mix and car flow through Taroona 
  • Mount Nelson paths, lighting and investment in Hobart College are overdue.
  • Kingston High's sports specialisation plans and Kingborough Sports precinct pool should be supported.
  • Housing development must be linked with services and long-term planning, including for schools, transport and roads - particularly the Southern Outlet.

More great jobs

  • Let's grow our tech industry and get the jobs back into Kingston.
  • The Antarctic Division should remain in Kingston and be set for growth. 
  • I will push for investment into telecommunications research and development.
  • I support ensuring Tasmania gets its fair share of benefit from the billion dollar investment in Space research.
  • I support improved NBN for all and a better deal for small business.
  • Let's move more Federal Public Service department roles to Tasmania.
  • We can increase tourism opportunities for the south of Tasmania.
  • I'll push for a fair go for small business.


Access to healthcare

  • We need a substantial and sustained investment in public health and healthcare services.
  • Healthcare professionals deserve a pay increase.
  • I will push for proper resourcing of healthcare and invest in healthcare professionals.
  • I will work to establish a Royal Hobart Hospital A&E hub in Kingston.
  • We want all our kids to be healthy and happy - with fresh food and healthy lifestyles. 


Affordable housing 

  • We need to get the balance right between housing for families starting out, students and people who need a fair go in public housing. Pressure on the market has never been greater and whilst this works for people who own homes, it is a barrier to entry for young people. 
  • Older resident wanting to downsize must have opportunities to move to local apartments, with level access and within walking distance of shops and services.
  • The growth in new housing particularly in Kingston must be linked to improved services.
  • Opportunities to deliver ‘infill’ housing particularly through the city and in our northern suburbs should be supported.
  • Public housing stock needs a capital investment to practically improve facilities - kitchens, heating, carpets and landscaping

Parks, playgrounds & facilities

  • We should celebrate our strong tradition of sailing and rowing excellence and invest in upgrading facilities.
  • A sailing centre of excellence is overdue. 
  • The Derwent Sailing Squadron, the Sandy Bay Sailing club, the Sandy Bay Rowing Club, bowls and croquet clubs need facilities upgrades. 
  • Let's roll out water bottle refill stations in public areas.
  • It's time for the kids to play - let's create and reinvigorate fantastic playgrounds.
  • All our parks should be accessible to all ages and abilities.
  • Dog walking and exercise areas are important. 

Our AFL team 

  • Let's get sport back into our schools and grow grassroots football.
  • We can secure our Tasmanian AFL team - by uniting Tasmanian football with one voice.
  • Sports facilities upgrades to provide access for women are essential.


Invest in education

  • It is time to invest in the next generation - with additional support for teachers.
  • We need to increase our educational investment particularly in the arts, science and technology.
  • A Hi-Tech High programme will assist to open up science, technology and engineering for our children.
  • We want our children to be happy, housed, healthy and safe on University campus.
  • Let's get the balance right for all our kids. 


Support for the arts

  • Let's support the establishment of a new art gallery attached to TMAG to showcase Tasmanian art.
  • Let's invest more in public art - particularly outdoor sculptures and markets.
  • The Treasury building to remain in public ownership and be repurposed - perhaps as a living heritage centre and art gallery.
  • Small arts businesses need more support - reducing the cost of doing business is important.
  • I support arts markets to provide an outlet for makers and family friendly events. 

Our environment

  • I support an industry driven container deposit model to reduce waste.
  • I support strong action to remove plastic from our waters.
  • We need to tackle pollution and act as part of a global community when it comes to climate change.

Global citizens

  • It is time to close the offshore detention centres - our aid program should be increased to tackle the root cause of issues leading to refugee migration. 
  • Multicultural Tasmania is a bastion of goodwill, acceptance and diversity.
  • Many of us are immigrants, who have helped build Tasmania, and many of us have children working overseas and interstate.
  • Our multicultural communities deserve our respect and support.

Authorised M Ogilvie, 335 Davey Street, South Hobart, Tas 7004