Community Matters 

Looking after the needs of our whole community makes Tasmania a great place to live.

Madeleine is focused on local community issues including improving cycleways, walking paths and local community sports facilities. Tackling issues such as traffic congestion and cost of living matter to everyday Tasmanians.

Madeleine supports improving bus services and making buses to school free for our children. Like all Tasmanians Madeleine wants to ensure our lifestyles continue to be sustainable, safe and happy, that is why she supports reviewing our approach to tourism. Madeleine supports maintaining the Northern Suburbs Light Rail Corridor to ensure it is ready for future light rail use.

In relation to Kuanyi/Mount Wellington, Madeleine would like to see a substantial upgrade to safety on Pinnacle Road, and for the road to be well maintained and kept free for all to use. Commercial development in national parks must be subject to open and transparent planning processes through a fair and reasonable system. Care and protection of our natural places is essential for all Tasmanians.