Maddy in the middle

Madeleine is a political centrist who is interested in negotiating outcomes across the political spectrum. Too often there is unnecessary division in modern politics. Not everything can be distilled to a tweet or a yes/no answer. Better outcomes are achieved when we work together and appreciate the power of difference and diversity. Madeleine supports human rights, autonomy, robust debate and the right to conscientiously object. 

Madeleine understands the intelligence and pragmatism of the electors of Clark. She puts the interests of all Tasmanians first, followed by constituents in Clark and then her own perspective - in that priority order. 

Madeleine has been strong on the need for deep community consultation, for respecting both majority and minority positions, actively listening and standing up for reason. Madeleine prefers a personal approach to politics, working at a one on one grassroots level to create change and to bring people with us on the journey. Madeleine’s voting record shows she will support sensible legislation that gets the law right, whilst seeking amendments if needed. Madeleine’s legal and legislative drafting skills assist her to bring true strategic thinking to parliamentary debate.

Madeleine supports women's sport