Madeleine Head Shot

Your Voice for the Upper House

Madeleine is an experienced advocate with runs on the board when it comes to delivering results in parliament. With a focus on making your life better, Madeleine is already working on:

  • Tackling the rising of cost of living - from power to petrol, rising costs are affecting all of us
  • Improving transport and addressing our traffic woes
  • Ensuring access to affordable healthcare
  • Delivering secure jobs for all Tasmanians
  • Investing in our children's future and our schools

Madeleine understands the Legislative Council is a house of review, upper house members are charged with ensuring proper scrutiny of legislation proposed by the House of Assembly. Laws must be fair, legal, workable and effective. It is important that legal and business expertise be brought to this task. 

Tasmanian AFL Team

It is a matter of State pride.

Madeleine will drive the push for a Tasmanian AFL team. As President of the Tasmanian Football Council, Madeleine has provided leadership to our regional and community football communities. It is not a national competition until Tasmania has its own team in the AFL. We can only do it by working together.

Madeleine's legal experience is second to none, and she is able to bring that to the Legislative Council, where we rely on seasoned leaders and thinkers to ensure Tasmanian legislation and law reform is in line with community expectations. Madeleine has the capacity to draft and amend bills to deliver practical, sensible and fair laws. Already contributing to the law reform agenda in the Tasmanian Parliament over the last four years, with a particular focus on progress, transport, health, education and jobs. 

Experienced Advocate 

Madeleine has deep legal experience, and is one of the few lawyers who has had the opportunity to develop legislative drafting skills. She has written a number of Bills dealing with healthcare, environmental and misuse of social media, to protect and enhance the rights of all citizens of Tasmania. 

  • Plastic Free Waters - removing plastic microbeads from our waters.
  • Care and Consent to Medical Treatment - codifying end of life decision making under Tasmanian Law.
  • Civil Digital Communications - tackling online bullying, harassment and misuse of private images online. 
  • Constitutional Recognition of Tasmanian Aboriginals - amending the Tasmanian Constitution to recognise Tasmanian Aboriginals.

Business and Legal Experience

Madeleine is a practicing Barrister and Solicitor with over 20 years experience in law, business and politics. She appears regularly in the Magistrates and Supreme Courts. She has expertise in innovation, communications and technology. From major telecommunications network projects to inventing new products. Madeleine has lived and worked in countries as diverse as Indonesia, France and Silicon Valley USA and has brought this experience home to Tasmania. Madeleine believes we can be more effective, more creative and more inclusive.

Madeleine has previously held senior roles with Allens law firm, GEC Marconi, Ernst & Young Law, and as a General Manager  - Contract and Commercial, with Telstra Corporation. Madeleine has qualifications from the University of Tasmania - LLB, the University of Melbourne - BA and the University of NSW - GCM.

Growing Opportunity in Nelson

Madeleine has a vision for Nelson that includes communications industry development, supporting tech engineering specialisation and to work with our schools to deliver opportunity and results.  By focusing on research, development and commercialisation we can attract and grow new jobs. By reducing the cost of doing business in Tasmania and cutting red tape, we can put more money in your pocket.