Delivering Results

Madeleine is a top parliamentary performer who debates the issues on their merits. She has been instrumental in:

- Resisting the hostile takeover bid for Tas Water. 

- Securing Constitutional Recognition for Tasmanian Aboriginals.

- Driving a parliamentary enquiry into end of life decision making law reform.

- Defending citizens right to know what their government is doing.

- Pushing for buy local and contemporary procurement rules.

- Standing against poorly framed and ill conceived legislation.

- Lobbying for the restoration of the lower house numbers to 35 seats.

- Resisting Ministerial call in powers across a range of planning and development legislation.

- Proposing law reform for environmental concerns - notably plastic Free Waters.

- Proposing law reform for medical care and consent with end of life decision making.

- Standing up for asylum seekers.

- Focussing on economic development and jobs.

Unafraid of controversy, Madeleine draws on her legal expertise to ensure proposed law reforms get the balance right for all.