Moving Tasmania Forward 

I am delighted to be the Shadow Minister for our Digital Economy.

The time is right to move Tasmania forward and to reimagine our state in the context of global opportunity. Economic development is essential - with the jobs and services prosperity brings, everyone will gain. Right across all areas of government and life there is so much to be gained. 

Central to our vision is a transformation of government information services to deliver for the first time, true open government to the people of Tasmania. We will work across the pillars of our economy to bring together a new approach which maximises the opportunity for our kids to secure new jobs no matter where they live.

We will close the digital divide 

Labor will prioritise closing the gap between those who can access the internt and those who can't. We won't leave anyone behind - we will be an inclusive, intelligent government that makes room for all.

Why now?

I bring to the portfolio a 20 year in career in innovation, communications and technology. Tasmania's information, communications and technology sector is driven by innovation. I have real runs on the board - from major telecommunications network projects to inventing new products. I have lived and worked in Indonesia, France and Silicon Valley USA and have brought this experience home to Tasmania. I have a vision for our Digital Economy that includes electronic manufacturing industry development, supporting telecommunications engineering specialisation and works with our schools to deliver opportunity and results.

We will make gains through delivering e-health initiatives, improving local services in education whilst creating much needed jobs.

We'll do it together

Only Labor has the know how, technical expertise and heart to build a new economy. We'll do it together.

We've already started by bringong together local government, the public sector, industry stakeholders and leaders to create the momentum we need.  We can be more effective, more creative and more inclusive just by using what we already have in new ways.