Shadow Ministerial Responsibilities


Madeleine is shadow Minister for a range of important areas.

- Local Government and Planning

- Digital Economy, Communications and Technology 

- Innovation, Science and Engineering 

- Open Government and Information Integrity

- Multiculrural Affairs

- Aboriginal Affairs

- Consumer Affairs


Bills Tabled by Madeleine 


Madeleine has drafted, and prepared for tabling, a number of bills dealing with Tasmanian law reform issues. 

- Plastic Free Waters - removing plastic microbeads from our waters.

- Care and Consent to Medical Treatment - codifying end of life decision making under Tasmanian Law.

- Civil Digital Communications - tackling 'revenge porn' and other misuse of private images online. 

- Constitutional Recognition of Tasmanian Aboriginals - amending the Tasmanian Constitution to recognise Tasmanian Aboriginals.


Current Law Reform Projects

- Charter of Animal Rights.

- Notional Estate - amendments to Tasmanian wills and estates law.